What do my clients say?
Here are a few comments:

Thanks for all that YOU did!!!!  What an absolutely positive experience.   Compared to my past two experiences with CitiMortgage for our Florida house and then more recently with K2 Lending for the Steamboat house, you were definitely the right man for the tough job. ...Valerie L  Steamboat Springs

Even though we are through with mortgages (I hope forever :)) I always read your column in the Vail Daily.  You are a good mentor and adviser.  Keep informing the public and you will continue to be successful.  Jacquie M .  Arrowhead at Vail

Remember the first day I went to your office? It was a dream and now it's a reality. Thanks to your help and professionalism.   Luz M.  Edwards
Welcome to Macro Financial Group Reverse Mortgage site !
Our guiding philosophy:
"take care of the customer and all else will follow".
Allow me to demonstrate that committment to you
Why should you choose Macro Financial Group for your Colorado Reverse Mortgage needs?
  • We are a Colorado based, family owned lender in business since 1995
  • We serve the entire state of Colorado and have thousands      of satisfied clients  
  • Our reverse mortgage programs are insured by FHA
  • We offer both fixed rate and adjustable rate options
  • I will personally handle your entire transaction and always be available to talk to about any concerns you may have along the way, you won't get shuffled about in a large corporate enviornment.   
For 20-years I have dedicated my career to providing outstanding mortgage loan origination services to my clients througout Colorado.  Over the years, many clients have become not just repeat clients, but friends as well.

I am seeing many of my long time clients enter a new phase in their lives as they begin to plan for retirement, and many who I worked with when they had young families or were just starting their careers and businesses are actually retiring.  As such their financial needs are changing from buying a home to putting the equity in that home to work to provide for current and future needs.

To serve the needs of old clients and new we have decided to offer reverse mortgage loan products, or as they are sometimes called, HECM loans (home equity conversion mortgages).

Reverse mortgages are really nothing new, the original legislation was signed into law by President Regan about 1982.  Like any mortgage loan program, the program has evolved over the years and today's reverse mortgages offer options and flexibility.
Click here for a summary of how a reverse mortgage can benefit you!

Call me at 970-748-0342 to discuss how a reverse mortgage might work for you!!

The materials and information within this website are not from HUD or FHA and were not approved by HUD or a Government agency

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